Shane Morris

Senior Writer

The Colson Center


Shane Morris is a senior writer at the Colson Center, where he has been the resident Calvinist and millennial, home-school grad since 2010 as an intern under Chuck Colson. He writes BreakPoint commentaries and columns. Shane has also written for The FederalistThe Christian Post, and Summit Ministries, and he blogs regularly for Patheos Evangelical as Troubler of Israel. He has appeared on broadcasts like Equipped with Chris Brooks and Issues, Etc., exploring topics like popular theology, marriage and family, and movies. He also co-hosts BreakPoint This Week and the BreakPoint podcast. Shane is fascinated by the natural world, which he explores whenever possible in SCUBA gear. He lives to make the doctrines of Christianity accessible and exciting. He invites others to appreciate the relationship between God’s Word and His world. For Shane, storytelling is also key to worldview teaching, with works like C. S. Lewis’ Cosmic Trilogy and Milton’s Paradise Lost giving theology a voice with which to sing. Shane graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a degree in humanities. He lives with his wife, Gabriela, and their three children, Astrid, Elijah, and Peter in Tampa, Florida.